The start of the University year got us at Il Bacio thinking about how much a student’s diet is (kind of) inspired by Italian food.

Frozen pizza, microwaveable lasagne and even Sambucca make up a large part of many student’s cuisine.

In particular pasta dishes make cheap eating, a common topping? Pesto.

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For the price you pay you get a relatively tasty and filling meal, and it makes sense for students to enjoy this cheap and easy meal.
However, this is not traditional pesto.

Pesto, in one form or another has been being produced since Roman times. It is a mixture of garlic, pine nuts, salt, Parmesan cheese, and where jarred versions might use sunflower oil and coriander, traditionally the final ingredients are Olive oil and basil leaves.

Over the thousands of years since its invention, pesto has become the second most popular sauce worldwide after ketchup and the most popular pasta sauce.

It originates in Genoa where the soil is perfect for growing Basil, one of the main ingredients and the quality of the ingredients makes all the difference in the preparation of Pesto.

We use nothing but the finest imported Italian ingredients in our pesto. So if you fancy trying some traditionally made pesto in the heart of London come down to Il Bacio and try our Tagliolini Gambero e Pesto, fantastic prawns with pesto.